Saturday, May 3, 2014

Super Special Project with Rhino

*****UPDATE: Audio has been redone thanks to my little brother and his recording equipment. Enjoy the new version! :-) ************

I've been teasing over the last few days about a project I'm working on concerning Rhino, Grace, and the rest of the gang from WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? Finally, I'm ready to share.

Back when I first decided to self-publish my book, my husband had talked me into going that route by coming up with a fantastic idea: making the book into a video to share online.

A couple weeks after the book came out, I made an effort to turn it into a video. Sadly, my video making skills and available tools for creating anything remotely worth watching were nonexistent. I shelved the project and hadn't thought much about it since.

That changed this week. I managed to figure out most of what the heck I was doing and can now share the whole gang with everyone. The only issue I had was with the microphone. Sorry, still don't have professional sound equipment, but I'm hoping at some point in the future to redo the voice over to get rid of the background noise. Other than the poor microphone quality, I'm very happy with the end product.

I'd love to hear what you all think! Especially those of you who haven't had the chance to read the book yet.

In celebration, I'm giving you all a bonus Fun Fact: 

My son's name is Wesley Thomas. Since Rhino is based on him, my daughter thought for the longest time that whenever I 'yelled' at her brother, I was saying 'Wesley Rhinoceros' instead. The fact came to light when she was about two and we asked them what their middle names were. She pointed at Wes and stated his was 'Rhinoceros.' That's why the dedication is written the way it is.


  1. On my iPhone so I didn't get to watch your video.

    When my daughter number four was a tot, she called her older sister dumb bell. She coundln't say Danielle.

    1. Oh no! Poor Danielle. It's funny to look back on things they used to say. :-)